One Light Clutch

The Clake One Light Clutch is an innovative Australian manufactured product that can reduce your clutch pull by up to 75% without using extra lever travel or leverage. It allows effortless single finger use of the clutch lever for extra grip on your handlebars and more control in rough terrain. Most pro level riders only use one finger due to this extra control over the clutch and grip on the handlebars, but for many riders this leads to arm pump and rider fatigue.

The Clake One Light Clutch uses a force balancing system that stores energy from the lever’s release to balance out the effort needed to pull the clutch in. It does not use extra leverage like the ‘easy pull’ clutch levers, which typically need to be pulled all the way into the bars before the clutch is fully disengaged. The amount of lever travel needed to disengage the clutch will be the same, but you will need as little as 25% of the effort needed with your stock clutch.

Some riders find the full effect of the Clake One Light Clutch makes the action too easy, so you can adjust the system to give you the desired amount of pull. The lever is easily adjusted to suit your hands with loosening off one bolt to position the lever where desired. The Clake One Light Clutch is ergonomically designed to allow one finger use so the lever can be fully pulled into the bars if needed without hitting the rest of your fingers.

The lever uses a hi tech laminated composite fibre flat spring so it won’t flex when pulled in but can be bent to 45 degrees up or down without damage. Not only is this arguably the most unbreakable lever in the world but it also helps prevent tendon damage to the rider if thrown forward on the bike.

The Clake One Light Clutch features very precise piston positioning to eliminate wasted lever travel, and it is manufactured inhouse to maintain the strictest quality control – we CNC machine the major components from billet 6000 and 7000 series alloys.

The system can be used with cable clutches with the purchase of our hydraulic conversion kit.

Advantages When Riding

  • Improved clutch control for advanced techniques and rough terrain.
  • Reduced pull for less arm pump, cramps and rider fatigue.
  • Perfect for riders with arthritis, joint pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Less stalling due to improved clutch control.
  • Single finger clutch use for improved grip and control of the bars.
  • Adjustable for small hands.
  • Almost impossible to break the lever.

Warranty & Pricing

All Clake products are covered by a 12 month warranty.


Installation & Fitting Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get used to it?
Most riders adapt to the easier clutch pull within minutes. If needed, the system can be adjusted for a heavier pull and gradually reduced as the rider adjusts to the Clake One Light Clutch.

Do I have to use a single finger on the levers?
The Clake One Light clutch is designed for single finger use but if a rider is used to using two fingers on the lever then it can be moved along the bars to suit. However, single finger use is the ideal way to maximize control of your motorbike and we would encourage making full use of the this opportunity to adapt to single finger use of the clutch.

Is the Clake One Light Clutch easily damaged?
No but a good pair of bark busters is recommended. It is a very compact unit and should easily fit within most existing handguard setups. The lever is arguably the most unbreakable lever in the world, and all the internals of the Clake One Light Clutch are designed to resist wear and tear from dust and mud.

Can I transfer the Clake One Light Clutch to other bikes?
Yes. You will need our hydraulic conversion kit if fitting to a bike with a cable clutch. It is important to match brake fluids correctly when changing over, contact us for more details.

I have small hands, will the Clake One Light Clutch work for me?
Yes. The position of the lever is easily adjustable, and because it does not use extra leverage you can bring the lever quite close in to the bars.

Is the Clake One Light Clutch difficult to fit?
A basic knowledge of how to bleed a clutch system is needed. A comprehensive installation video is available here on our website. Patience is required as the bleeding process can take longer to fully remove air for the system.

Isn’t the Clake One Light Clutch very expensive compared to the easy pull levers available?
All the aftermarket levers that provide an ‘easy pull’ do so through extra leverage. When the reduce the amount of effort needed they do so through making you pull the lever much further, and often you have to pull the lever completely in to the bars to fully disengage the clutch. So while the pull is reduced, in a sense you are pulling the lever for a longer duration because of this leverage. In some cases this also poses a problem with the lever constantly hitting your other fingers when you want to fully disengage the clutch. The Clake One Light Clutch has none of these issues, and it can be transferred to your next bike and should be considered a long-term investment in your riding.

I’m having trouble deciding which Clake product will suit me best, do you have any advice?
See our Which Clake? page for a brief overview of each Clake product. The designer of all the Clake products, Owen Hutchison, also provides his personal opinion on which Clakes will suit various types of riding and terrain. Hopefully this information will help you decide which setup suits you best!


Jake Stapleton testing the One Light Clutch

Reduction of clutch pull on a Beta RR350

Australian Dirt Bike (ADB) Review

“Fitted to a Beta RR350, it behaved just like a normal clutch lever yet it was so light I could hardly feel the pull at all… it made life easier in every situation and not only led to quicker times but also made the difference between getting stuck and conquering some of the nastier climbs… In my opinion the Clake One Light Clutch is a game changer.”
Jake Stapleton
ADB March 2013

A Clutch So Light That Even A 5 Year Old Can Operate It